Friday, April 17, 2009

No More Madden!

John Madden has been in the broadcast booth for 30 years. He's the only man to have been the lead color analyst for all four major television networks and is known just as well for his video game franchise as for his game calls.

For many years, Madden was the best broadcaster in pro football. When he and the great Pat Summerall were doing a game during my youth, you knew it was the big game of the week. They were great together and it was sad when Pat had to retire.

In recent years Madden has become a bit of a caricature of himself, but he still had a lot to offer football fans. I would watch games just to hear that one nugget of unintentional genius that he would spit out during a game. It made it all worthwhile, and often he was more entertaining than the game.

I'll greatly miss John Madden and I probably won't watch as much pro football without him around (mainly because the NFL sucks). It bothers me that years from now, kids will be playing his video game and won't even know who John Madden was. But when Madden 43 is out on Playstation 6, I'll tell my kids all about one of the most unintentionally hilarious people ever and then show them videos like the one below.

And that's what that's all about.

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