Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama-ball: Steroids In MLB A Serious Issue

Newly elected President Barack Obama has not had much time in office to enact new bills and pass new legislature. He has, however, taken the time to weigh in on the revelation that yet another high-profile MLB player used steroids in a selfish attempt to enhance his own performance.

Here's what Barack had to say about Roid-Rod:

Justin and I have actually not had the chance to debate this topic amongst ourselves but I am almost certain we are both in agreement of President Obama's remarks. 

The dark era known by the presence and abuse of steroids in Major League Baseball became darker when it was revealed that Alex Rodriguez used steroids earlier in his career with the Texas Rangers. 

America's youth cannot continue to receive these embarrassing messages that the "American Past-time" is as tarnished as it was during the 1919 Chicago Black Sox World Series scandal

Whether or not Congress should be dealing with this issue is an entirely different story. However, the fact remains that one of the most prominent role models for the youth of America hit a bad 'dinger out of the park.

Yes, he has apologized. No, it still does not change the fact that what he did was selfish, immoral, and downright stupid.

While it may seem like Roid-Rod is being unfairly attacked (no chance he sues for libel, by the way, since he's already publicly admitted his faults) let it be known that my displeasure toward steroid abuse in athletics is equally distributed amongst all defenders, regardless of sport, fame, or notoriety.

As once proclaimed by Chris Cornell, formerly of Soundgarden and now pursuing his own solo musical career, Major League Baseball "Fell On Black Days."

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Billy said...

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