Thursday, February 5, 2009

Song Of The Day

Hahaha ok this is even better than yesterday's song comedy. Microsoft created a program called Songsmith and released it this year. The program is designed to automatically create a music backing track to any melody that is sung and recorded by the user. You can then adjust the tempo and the genre as well as the mood. Good idea in principle, but not in practice. Overall, the software pretty much sucks, but like many awesomely bad ideas it has led to a very comical online usage.

People have been taking the vocal tracks of real songs and putting them into Songsmith to see what it comes up with. The linked version below is Soulja Boy's Crank That done in an upbeat swing style. It's perhaps the best remix of the song yet. Embedding has been disabled, but it's certainly worth a look. There are some other great Songsmith remixes out there too if you're bored.

Soulja Boy

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