Friday, January 9, 2009

Song Of The Day

So I was flipping through the channels today when I stumbled upon the very beginning of the film Music & Lyrics starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I wouldn't have stopped ordinarily, but I was intrigued by this rather comical music video which serves as the opening to the movie.

Hugh Grant plays a washed up star from the 80s group Pop! who hasn't written a song in ten years but is somehow contracted to write a new single for a star who is an amalgam of Shakira, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Anyway, Hugh can't write lyrics but he gets help from the woman watering his plants, Drew Barrymore. It's not an awful movie. It has just enough humor and jokes relating to the music industry that I laughed a good bit, multiple times even!

It's a fairly formulaic Hugh Grant romantic comedy, but the important thing is the song. So here it is, "Pop Goes My Heart" by Pop!

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Brian said...

I own this movie. And yes, I like it.


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