Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Than Meets The Eye

After perusing some Boston College message boards to get the BC fans take on the horrible public relations nightmare that is the ongoing saga between athletic director Gene DeFilippo and football coach Jeff Jagodzinski, my feelings on the matter have changed somewhat.

Initially I took this to be some kind of power play by the AD, simply trying to play hardball with their coach.

Apparently, the feeling in Chestnut Hill is that Jagodzinski really doesn't like the recruiting process and as a result isn't very good at it.

Recruiting rankings only mean so much, but a quick look at the current committed players across the ACC does seem to show Boston College laggging behind a bit.

One could surmise that if this is all true, that Jags is simply trying to get out of his current position and get back to the NFL in some capacity, even if it isn't as head coach of the New York Jets.

Rumors now have Eagles defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani being the man promoted from within instead of offensive coordinator Steve Logan should the Eagles go that route in replacing Jagodzinski. Of course the Turner Gill rumor mill has been fired up once again, but I really think he'll stay at Buffalo at least one more season. Boston College is a very unattractive job at this point and he can and will do better.

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