Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ben Folds Five Releases First New Album in 13 Years

Ben Folds has had a successful solo career following the late 90s popularity of his band Ben Folds Five.

They split amicably in 2000 and after a one-off show eight years later and re-recording some songs for Ben's career retrospective The Best Imitation of Myself, finally decided to reunite formally to record a new album.

The result is The Sound of the Life of the Mind out for release September 18.   

After an unsuccessful excursion down the hill to Wal-Mart (gross), I found myself without a physical copy of the album—though several tracks were being streamed by the band in the preceding weeks through various websites.

It's awesome to hear Ben once again playing with drummer Darren Jessee and bassist Robert Sledge—who for my money is one of the most entertaining bassists alive.

Here's the outstanding video for a track that I've had in heavy rotation for a while now, "Do It Anyway".

If you don't like Fraggle Rock or good music, you won't enjoy it. But if either of those are the case...what are you doing here?

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