Friday, August 31, 2012

2012 College Football Predictions

The college football season is once again under way meaning I breathe a little easier while somehow also stressing out more.

While Brian is off gallivanting about Europe on his way to Notre Dame's match up with Navy in Ireland, I've been tasked with informing everyone of our picks for this year's editions of Virginia Tech and Notre Dame football.

On a brief side note, if I don't see web hits from ISPs in Ireland this week someone is due for a beating.

First Brian's picks:

Brian is a bit bullish on ND, which isn't shocking, but I was a little surprised he picked both squads to finish with an 8-4 record. In this scenario, Tech would still likely qualify for the ACC Championship game giving them a shot at another win before the bowls. 

I can't wait for the Irish to get some kind of bizarre exemption into our championship game despite not actually playing in the conference. Clearly, I'm not still bitter about the Big East's stupid bowl arrangement from years past.

Now for my picks:

Again, these aren't shocking picks. I pegged the Irish at 7-5, but I think that would be an outstanding season. I was very close to predicting 6-6 with a loss to Navy. Coming from a fellow fan whose team opens against the crazed triple-option attack, there's plenty of reason to be nervous. 

I clearly have more confidence in my alma mater than some, predicting just one loss to the Clemson Tigers. Until Tech proves they can outdo Dabo (who is a gum-flapping idiot) that game gives me apoplectic fits of rage just envisioning it.

One interesting note, Brian seems to think far more highly of Miami than I do. I think both teams should defeat the Hurricanes because I just don't think they're very good. 

Of course that won't stop all 17 'Canes fans from "packing" whatever the Dolphins call their stadium now when Tech rolls into town. 

There will be no Miami fans at Notre Dame's game in Chicago because no such people live there. 

Anyone seen with 'Canes swag will probably have an ibis hat from 1985 to go with a Bears Ditka-style sweater they dug out of their closet. Those folks are the worst kind of bandwagon cast-offs from the last time both teams were simultaneously relevant and they are bad people.      

I hate Miami.

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