Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lewis Black Calm and Collected

I've always feared that Lewis Black could explode any moment from an excess of unadulterated rage.

Thankfully, he isn't always like that. Black's biting stage persona is very much at odds with the thoughtful commentary he quietly provides here, though the man's intelligence is always on display.

While this interview is filled with pleasant exchanges, I really dislike the interviewer, Jian Ghomesi.

He's Canadian which by itself is just fine, but he seems like one of those people who tries so very hard to be perceived as hip and cool.

He seems to be fairly popular based on a quick glance at most comments online, but I've seen a handful of interviews where he seemed out of his element.

The most glaring example of his uber cool is what appears to be a mid-nineties brick of a laptop sitting nearby during interviews. It's a wonder the show doesn't come grinding to a halt with a Windows 95 blue screen.

None the less, Ghomesi gets hooked up with awesome guests so his interviews are still worth a listen.

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