Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Easy

Well, we've once again essentially let the blog die. It happens periodically, especially in the summer months as the weather is conducive to general tomfoolery of the outdoor variety.

We're coming up on wedding week so Brian is fairly swamped. That also means that we'll have strange coverage from abroad on the event. Should be quite interesting.

As a stopgap proving that I continue to breathe, I give you an acoustic Weezer jam from some old AOL Sessions.

This is a Brian Bell penned song called, "It's Easy". It's a cool little jam complete with drums from an oddly baret-clad Rivers Cuomo and drummer Pat Wilson has a nice little extended solo on guitar.

Brian Bell takes lead guitar and lead vocals while bassist Scott Sharp supplies some smooth background vocals along with Cuomo.

Enjoy this and sit tight. This week should have some truly unusual coverage of all kinds of things. No hollow promises this time. Honest.

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