Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pat on the Back, USC

It was a long time coming, but with the announcement that Pat Haden will take over as Athletics Director at USC it is safe to say the Trojans are finally trying to right the countless wrongs brought about under Mike Garrett's regime.

There is no need to get into too much detail here as the reports out of Southern California have flown as freely as the Song Girls' skirts on a Saturday afternoon in LA. NOTE - each link is different, and worth the extra clicks.

The move should improve USCs tarnished image being that Haden is a Rhodes scholar and recently served as a commentator for NBC Sport's coverage of Notre Dame Football.

Similarly, ND's broadcasts should improve with the opening for a new commentator. Steve Beuerlein would be an excellent addition given his ND pedigree along with his experience as a commentator for CBS college football coverage. Chris Collinsworth would also be an interesting replacement being that his son, Austin, will be a freshman at ND this fall.

In unrelated news from LA, the Trojans announced they would return Reggie Bush's Heisman trophy he had won while ineligible at USC. Reggie will likely get to keep his (USC's is a copy of Bush's actual trophy) but it is only fitting that Bush, who was the face of the program during its revitalization era in the mid 2000's, is now being renounced by his alma mater.

Schadenfreude is a thing of beauty, isn't it?

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