Wednesday, May 12, 2010

West High Lacrosse Gets Wet

The story at Corning's Memorial Stadium Tuesday was hardly the play on the field, it was the torrential downpour that dominated the evening.

Cold temperatures and the wet conditions cast a pall of lethargy over the entire contest.

A sloppy first half ended with the West High Vikings trailing Ithaca just 4-2, but the second half was another story.

A series of defensive lapses compounded by numerous other errors led to an Ithaca outburst, and eventual 15-2 victory.

The game marked senior night for the Vikings, including friend of the blog and resident goofball Jeff Sienkiewicz.

Pictured below, Sienkiewicz (22) walks dejectedly while fellow senior Brian Guilfoyle (7) questions a higher power.

By far the highlight of the evening came postgame when I joined the brothers Sienkiewicz for a thaw-out session at Friendly's.

The general consensus of the evening was as Andy so astutely put it, "Meh, it's Friendly's".

And now for an artsy picture of puddles with cool unedited lighting.

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