Monday, July 13, 2009

Play Like A Champion Today

I came across the following clip today on ESPN and was presently surprised by the nice job that Mike Greenberg did in expressing the feeling generated by one of college football's greatest traditions: touching the Play Like A Champion Today sign before running out onto the field at Notre Dame.

I must say that the segment isn't 100% accurate. Greenberg notes that 1986 was the first year that the sign was hung in the locker room, though Lou Holtz's recollection suggests it was in use before that time.

According to Lou, he saw the sign in a book - he doesn't remember which one - and thought it was a neat tradition that he should revive. Not a bad thought for his first year on the job at ND and with or without the sign Lou would still have his place in ND coaching lore.

One of the best memories I have from my years at Notre Dame was during my senior year when I was able to take a tour of the stadium press box, locker room, and of course touch the Play Like A Champion Today sign.


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