Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anti-Song of the Day: Worst Video In YouTube History

Not that I need to add any additional commentary, but how can I resist?

Below is the worst video in YouTube history. No debating - voting is closed. I apologize for making you dumber for viewing this clip...

What makes this video suck so bad?
  • Bad singing
  • Great song, ruined
  • USC
  • Pete Carroll
  • Imitating Pete Carroll
  • 'So Cal dudes'
  • The white sunglasses only a diva would wear
  • Fake guitar playing
  • USC
  • Horrible audio/stereo effects
  • Atrocious synchronized dancing
  • Trojans
  • Countless offenses and transgressions to Neil Diamond
  • Disgrace to Fenway faithful
  • USC
  • Choose your own journey ______________


Justin Cates said...

Haha well I agree that was awful (I actually only watched about 45 seconds worth).

Sweet Caroline isn't a great song though. Neil Diamond sort of sucks. But the Red Sox thing is pretty cool, so points for his tune catching on at sporting events.

Bobby said...

Agreed. Effing miserable. I made it 14 seconds.


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