Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Day, Another Broken NCAA Record as Seminoles Embarrass Buckeyes 37-6

Jim Tressell's boys were no match for Bobby Bowden's men yesterday as the Florida State Seminoles eclipsed the Ohio State Buckeyes 37-6.

The Seminoles scored 8 points in the first quarter followed by a field goal in the second before adding three more field goals in the third.

In know what you're thinking: "Wait a second... football in June? What are you talking about Brian?"

So you got me, the Seminoles did beat the buckeyes this past Sunday but it wasn't on the gridiron - it was on a diamond.

For the second straight day an NCAA baseball record was broken as the Seminoles scored enough runs to mimic a football final score. Watch the video below to learn about the record- setting offensive display by the mighty Seminoles.

This comes a day late only because my computer froze up last night while trying to post. It's true - not even Macs are invincible.

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Bobby said...

I stayed for this entire game. Truly an incredible experience - horrifying for the Buckeye players that had to stand out in the field for 4 hours. The left-fielder still hasn't accepted my Facebook friend request.


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