Sunday, March 1, 2009

ESPN Shows Irish Some Love

Mark this down as one of the few times ESPN has ever given ND positive press. Below is their new commercial for the "new"

Current ND Leprechaun (Lepre-Juan) and Bob Golic give this spot quite the Irish vibe.


Justin Cates said...
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Justin Cates said...

LOL the first time ESPN has given ND positive press? That's enjoyable. Maybe they don't kiss your butts as much as the rest of the media but Lou Holtz and Digger Phelps certainly make up for it.

There's Golic too, but he's not supposed to be an unbiased analyst so I give him a pass.

Serafin ND10 said...

Yeah Juan!

Brian said...

I don't recall any media outside of the local South Bend folk that kiss our butts actually... I guess NBC counts but they are more than just slightly unbiased.

Lou and Digger don't represent the majority at ESPN. Aside from those two (and Golic) they certainly do their best to make known their distaste for all things Irish.

Just because they run stories on ND does not mean they like us. In fact, most of the time the stories they run cast the university in a negative light - i.e. when Charlie was suing his doctors for malpractice.

I would be cautious in associating press and media play with general liking.


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