Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ty Willingham Impersonations

Here's a clip of former ND head coach and current Washington Huskies coach Tyrone Willingham being impersonated by his own players. Enough said.


Justin Cates said...

Enough said? Who's conducting these interviews? What's the context? I liked when Ty came jogging by exhibiting his "commercialized jog".

Brian said...

I'm violating my own terms here, but the video is pretty self-explanatory. It was a "documentary" put together by his players of them impersonating Ty.

I like the commercialized job part too, but I think my favorite part was at the end: "Do trees, have leaves?". "Does the flag, have stripes?" "I think it has stars too right coach?" "Yes but attention to detail, I did not ask if the flag has stars, I asked if the flag has stripes?"


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