Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Song Of The Day - October 29, 2008

Yet another song of the day brought to you in part by we, the humble creators of this fantastic blog. Today's song has a bit of a story to it so bear with me for a second. 

My final semester at Notre Dame last year I took a course called Music Through Technology. It was an amazingly cool course where we learned about how music and technology have grown over the years and propelled one another to such great heights. 

Throughout the course of the semester we had assorted projects, one of which today's song was born from. For the particular project, we were instructed to use a program developed by Propellerhead called Reason to create a musical piece. Reason is a great program (if you have $500 extra bones laying around and love music you should strongly consider buying it) that allows you to operate a mixer on your computer and create wonderful artistic ensembles. You have to have a piano keyboard that hooks up to your computer (usually USB) in order to input sounds, though you could technically input notes and chords manually. The manual entry is awesome because it allows you to refine your music without having to "record" it again - you can just edit it in their sequencer.

Once I had recorded the music it was time for name selection. This process was pretty simple because Cutting Room Floor was just getting ready to release its third album, entitled "In Our Luck." Perhaps in tribute of the album title, and also in hopes of adding the track to the album, I dubbed the song "In Our Luck". 

I eventually sent Justin the file and he wrote lyrics to go over top. To spare you from further scattered commentary, I cordially present to you the latest and greatest musical offering from the duo formerly known as The Deuce.

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