Monday, February 4, 2013

L.A. Noire Was More Impressive Than I Realized

By Justin Cates

When L.A. Noire was released in 2011 it represented an enormous leap forward in motion capture technology.

I remember not being in love with the story, but being able to essentially play a movie was a really cool idea that was more than worth a run through.

Where the game really set itself apart was the idea that you were actually a detective in a way you couldn't previously experience.

Your main task was to go around 1947 Los Angeles and interrogate suspects in various cases and unrelated side cases.

Not an unusual concept, but finally you were able to really read people to determine if they were telling the truth.

Australian company Depth Analysis developed the MotionScan technology that brings the game to life.

Through the use of 32 high definition cameras, the actors faces were able to be depicted in the game with stunning detail. Even the smallest facial movements are picked up and transferred into the digital world through the process outlined in this video.

This brings us to the secondary point of this post.

Presumably just for fun, Depth Analysis recently released a blooper reel that shows the real-time reactions of the actors as they attempt their lines.

Best gag reel of all time? Based on the synergy of technology and acting represented, I say yes.

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