Monday, January 7, 2013

Notre Dame v. Alabama Live Blog

8:20 PM- Things are about to kick off. I'll add thoughts as they come up.

8:22- I'm picking Alabama to win a close one.

8:27-Brian is on the scene in person. I'm sure he's currently a nervous wreck. ND wins toss and defers. Boring. Bama ball to start.

8:35- Eddie Lacy with a 20-yard touchdown run. 7-0 Alabama. 12:03 1st qtr. Bama offense looks strong.

Eddie Lacy has three carries for 31 yards so far. 

8:51- A.J. McCarron is a smooth operator. The Bama O-line is handling the Irish Defense both running and passing.

8:53- play-action touchdown pass Bama 14-0 6:14 1st qtr.

8:58- If This Notre Dame fumble stands, that might be it, but I don't think it should.

9:04- They kept the ball but couldn't move it. ND must punt.

9:06- I actually didn't know what A.J. McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb is Miss Alabama.

9:11- First quarter is over at 14-0 Bama and they're at the goal line poised for another six. Awful start for the Irish. 

9:15-Touchdown for Bama 14:56 2 qtr. Pure domination folks. Didn't really see this coming. Score next drive is crucial for ND.

9:16- 203 total yards for Alabama 23 for Notre Dame

9:19-Probably a good call to go for the 4th down. Not sure about the deep pass though.

9:27-Irish D finally has a nice drive, then they muff the punt.

10:11- Sorry. Missed the last touchdown. 28-0 is a grade a whoopin'. Good halftime music by the ND band at least.

10:27- Haha Clinton-Dix has easily one of the best names in college football, and he has a devastating interception here.

10:51- At least it isn't a shut out anymore. 35-7 Alabama on top after the Golson touchdown run. Bad game.

11:28- Just time to let this one die at 42-14. For some reason Alabama's offense is very upset.

11:30- "Barrett Jones, A.J. McCarron...a lover's quarrel!" -Brent Musberger

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