Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Frank Beamer is the Coolest and the BCS Is Dead (Almost)

The head coach of the Hokies isn't the only one dancing today as a presidential oversight committee, led by Virginia Tech President Charles Steger, finally granted approval to a four-team playoff system for college football.

In an interview with the Daily Press, Steger told David Teel, “The ACC presidents were unanimously in favor of the four-team playoff, and I wanted to be sure they [Athletic Director Jim Weaver and Beamer] were comfortable with it. Frank’s the one who’s got to coach the team. Not me. He’s very supportive."

And why wouldn't he be? The Hokies are consistently on the cusp of being a top team, but usually fall just on the outside of the national championship picture.

Therein lies the biggest criticism of Beamer, he can't win the big one.

You know the rest of the drill, Frank Beamer is class personified. He's nice to a fault in the minds of many, and there aren't a lot of public sports figures these days criticized for being loyal and considerate of one's opponents.

Those detractors are few and far between, a product of the semi-professional SEC and the envious eyes fixed upon its success by the rest of the college football world.

Hokies certainly aren't immune to that, and there is a crazed group of folks who whisper too loudly for my tastes that Beamer will never win the national championship and can't get Tech to that level during his last handful of seasons in Blacksburg.

I get that to some extent. I want a national championship too and Frank wants it more than anyone. There have been plenty of eggs laid by the Hokies on the big stage and maybe he won't win the big prize, but that's no reason to hasten his retirement.

The man is Virginia Tech football. His record is 209-98-2. He has never had any recruiting violations or academic scandals. If anything, maybe you could say he's given troubled athletes too many second chances. Oh for shame!

There's only one thing hanging over his legacy, and it's the empty trophy case in the Merryman athletic center reserved for the national championship trophy.

This case overlooking the practice field is reserved for the national championship trophy.

People are quick to blame Frank for that emptiness, but they forget he's the only reason it's there in the first place.

Now, the four-team playoff format brings new hope to those not confident in Tech's ability to finish in the top two spots of the BCS.

The BCS is dying and we will all dance on its grave and welcome the purer playoff that gives more teams a chance to win the national championship.

Really it's all about money, but don't tell Frank. He's first in line to dance a jig.

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