Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hokies Own Commonwealth Cup

It may come as no surprise to most, but Virginia Tech once again defeated Virginia 37-7 Saturday in Blacksburg.

Rivalry games are a funny thing and past dominance is in no way an accurate predictor of future outcomes—just ask USC.

When it comes to UVA of course, they're still really, REALLY bad. In fact Saturday marked day 2,191 of Tech's continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup. The gap, or shall I say chasm between the two programs grew wider by the minute under former head coach Al Groh and new head man Mike London has his work cut out for him in the coming years.

The biggest thing London has in his favor is that he isn't Groh. That by default leads me to believe the Wahoos will improve during his tenure and that bodes well for the rivalry. One-sided affairs aren't fun after several in a row—just ask Notre Dame.

Ultimately, the only poor decision made by Tech yesterday was the choice to drink from that dirty ol' cup. And don't worry, it's just Gatorade, see?


Brian said...

Win or lose too many in a row and it becomes difficult to classify competitions as 'rivalries', but in cases like this where borders or state supremacy are at stake bragging rights still reign supreme.

Your honest take - is there any chance Virginia wins one in the next decade?

Justin Cates said...

I think they'll win one in the next couple of years. That game always worries me, especially when we have a young QB (like next season).

I expect UVA to slowly improve. We'll see though.


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