Monday, June 7, 2010

The World Cup

Despite talk of college conference reshuffling, Tom Izzo flirting with the NBA and the Earth's continued hemorrhaging of sweet crude into the Gulf of Mexico, the World Cup still looms large on the horizon.

It's the largest global event of any kind. In fact, SportsCenter just informed me an estimated $1.5 billion will be legally wagered worldwide on the Cup, a new record by far.

It's doubly exciting that the United States has a talented team that stands an excellent chance to advance out of group play.

I'm eagerly looking forward to Saturday's match with England, and while I don't think the U.S. will win, they've got a shot and the game should be competitive. It's a chance for American soccer to make a big statement to the world.

This Nike soccer commercial has been running since the Champions League final and it will absolutely get your blood boiling. It's at once seriously stirring and delightfully comical.

Enjoy the spot, and enjoy La Copa Del Mundo.

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