Monday, February 15, 2010

Lane Stadium: The First Game

On October 2, 1965 Virginia Tech opened the still unfinished Lane Stadium with a 9-7 win over William & Mary.

The stadium has changed a great deal in the 45 years since. Tech has added nearly 24,000 seats over the initial capacity of 40,000 and it's without a doubt one of the top facilities in the nation.

While I fully intend to detail the stadium's history in the future, today's post was spurred on by a recent video released by the university showing footage of that very first game.

Also of note, three stadiums to my knowledge used the same initial blueprints; Lane Stadium, Grove Stadium at Wake Forest and Memorial Stadium at the University of Indiana.

Each facility has changed in it's own way over the years, Lane most noticeably, but you can tell they all started out the same. I've included an older Lane photo for comparison.

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