Friday, December 19, 2008

Dillon Hall Carol Of The Bells

As a former resident of Notre Dame's finest dorm on campus I must say, as humbly as possible, that Dillon Hall is clearly a step above the rest and should be a "no contest" winner for male dorm of the year. This is probably the coolest thing done within the confines of a dorm - possibly ever. Here is the poster's comments about the video:
My friend and I at Notre Dame set up some lights in our dorm hallway and choreographed them to "Carol of the Bells" played by Gary Hoey. Merry Christmas!
I'm guessing these guys are electrical engineers. Or just really smart. Or both. 

Nice work gentlemen. Go Big Red!


Serafin ND10 said...

hahaha. I'm surprised you actually found this Brian-the kid who did set this light show up was actually an electrical engineer and he happens to be my roommate this year. One of my friends living on that side of the hallway spent about $100 on the whole setup. Thanks for posting this!

Serafin ND10 said...

Designing and synchronizing the actual light show took him about five hours...pretty insane.


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